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Paddockhall Farm Responsive Website

Paddockhall Farm near Linlithgow has tenant farmers and livery and is expanding into holiday lets. The business needed a website that was easy to update and with expansion capabilities for holiday bookings. High quality photographs were also a key requirement.

Tags:- MODx,jQuery,SEO,Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design & Development. Website for a small local farm and livery business

Paddockhall Farm is a local business near Linlithgow / Bo'ness which acts as a hub for tenant farmers and livery facilities.

Problem: requirement for an easy to read and update website to promote the various facilities

A website was required which in the short term catered for the farmer tenants but also for the livery side of the farm and with expansion for a new holiday cottage letting arm of the business. Additionally, the client requested photographs for the website

Solutions: Web Design and Development with Wordpress and Responsive Web Design techniques.

Wordpress was chosen for this project. The limited number of pages and styles of pages suits the Wordpress capabilities. A large part of this type of task is selecting from pre-prepared themes. A theme is a graphic design with placeholders for site specific content. Think of it as a photo frame. The frame has to look good but then has your specific content (photographs) put in place. Of course with a website the content can be text, photos, maps etc. 

The chosen theme makes the website dynamically change depending upon the tool used to view the site. Desktop, small laptop, tablet or smartphone. All viewers will see a slightly different arrangement.

Photographs were taken on a Pentax DSLR with a zoom lens.

Outcome: Elegant Farm Business Website with Great SEO and Expansion for Bookings. High quality Photography.

A Responsive Web Design solution which automatically shows the content in the easiest to read format for the particular tool used to view the site. Smartphone users will see a single column and simpler menus. Desktop users will see a traditional web design.

Engaging photographs were taken showing off the farm and livestock. Emphasis on the extensive gallops for horses is key to the successful promotion of the livery. The client has access to nearly a hundred photos for later use.

The theme doesn't yet show booking capabilities but they are ready to go when the client needs them.

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